Dancing, Dreaming and Shooting for the Stars!

It was “bloody two o’clock in the morning!” when Mom’s shouting alerted me from my reverie.  I was dancing the night away with Fred Astaire in our overgrown closet of a living room in the old duplex on Franklin Street – at least I was in my mind.  My imagination carried me away as I watched the great dance star on the old black and white movie on TV.

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Halloween Memories from the 1950’s

Halloween is a very special occasion when you are six years old.  I remember well the year 1954 and our little house in Rosemont, PA, just  west of Philadelphia.  As the frost comes on the pumpkin now, over sixty years later, I am sure there is still a bit of the child left in me to play make believe again this year.

Do you remember the excitement of being old enough to join in on something you were always left out of? I absolutely detested being told “You’re not big enough!”  Why is it that the grownups got to decide everything for you anyway! But, not this time, I was a big first grader now.  So I was old enough to go out trick or treating. Wow! I could hardly wait. Continue reading “Halloween Memories from the 1950’s”