Four Steps to Get Adult Children to Move Out!

All kinds of circumstances cause adult children to live under their parents roofs, but there comes a time to help them break out on their own.  Should you give them the boot?

According to a recent article at CBS MoneyWatch, young adults living with their parents is at a 75 year high!  Student loan debt and lack of employment are considered the primary reasons.  But, those factors are out of your control.  So, what can you do?

Should You Boot Your Adult Children Out the Door?

If you are still boarding your adult children, you have not yet completed one of your important tasks as a parent.  Maybe the steps below will work as well for you as they have for me. Continue reading “Four Steps to Get Adult Children to Move Out!”

Investigate Yourself Online – It Can be Shocking!

If your credit and your reputation are important to you – do you know what people will find about you when they investigate online?  Maybe you need to peek into your own background and see if you find any surprises.

It can be well worth checking on your credit to make sure that you are not hurt when applying for a loan or passed up for a job opportunity.

During the last week, I had contact with a couple of potential suitors from an online dating site.  Rather than completely dismiss them based on prior bad experience (these charming fellows were not local)

 I decided to go into detective mode.

But, then I started to wonder

“what would I find if I did an online search on myself?”

The first thing I usually do is a simple Google Continue reading “Investigate Yourself Online – It Can be Shocking!”