Technology and the Generation Gap

I love technology until I hate it – when it doesn’t do what I want.  Wish I could just talk at it and it would magically fix whatever is wrong with it, or with me.  Siri never seems to give me the answer I need! Can you relate to the frustration?  Wondering what Siri is?  Seems like the world is changing faster than I can keep up.

But, there is hope.  Some of my fellow bloggers experience the same frustration.  If I can’t figure it out, maybe I can jump on the train of the next new technology thing that comes out. Continue reading “Technology and the Generation Gap”

Voters Want the Truth – Read this Before You Vote

Before casting your vote, I would like to draw your attention to a little book by Andy Andrews.  It addresses the issue of why the truth matters more than you think.

We all want the best for our country – and a secure and prosperous future for our children.  This is not a partisan issue no matter how we tend to vote. Continue reading “Voters Want the Truth – Read this Before You Vote”