Five Keys to Unlock the Life of Your Dreams!

Many of us have hopes and dreams that we make part of our New Years resolutions.  Now, have you also set yourself up for success or failure in reaching your goals?  Often, we have dreams that we are passionate about but we abandon them, squelch them, or put them off to some distant tomorrow. Why is that and what can you do about unlocking the keys to make your dreams or goals happen? Continue reading “Five Keys to Unlock the Life of Your Dreams!”

Re-looking at Old Dreams on Your Bucket List

Imagine you have a Top 10 List of things you dreamed about doing someday.  Now you look at the list and decide it is too late or for some reason a dream can no longer be realized.

Way before the phrase Bucket List was coined I had the dream to dance with Fred Astaire.  I used to dance around my living room as a teenager while I watched Fred and Ginger in a late night movie.

It was a pie in the sky dream to begin with, but hey, what are dreams about?  Fred died.  So there goes the dream. Or, so I thought at the time.

About a year ago, I took up ballroom dancing.  I had always been passionate about dancing and really loved it — despite the fact that I had done very little of it.  Dancing just puts a smile in my heart.  Very quickly I had a de ja vu moment and realized that Johnny Francoviglia, my young dance teacher was my new Fred Astaire.

Johnny is a brilliant dance teacher and gave me the confidence to dance in a Holiday Showcase with him at Overland Park Ballroom in Kansas City.

Despite my anxiety and jitters, I loved every minute of it!   I had fulfilled a dream that I thought was no longer possible. I was living life to the fullest.

Maybe you would like to write a bestseller, visit the Vatican, or learn how to sail.  What about chasing a tornado? Consider whatever your heart desires.

So, I really want to hear — What’s on Your Bucket List?  Is there something that you can do, even in a modified way that will fulfill a long-held dream?

Please scroll down and share your thoughts and dreams with us in the reply box below. You may fuel the furnace of hope for someone else’s dream.