Online Dating for the Young at Heart!

Living life to the fullest involves relationships.  And one of the most important involves romance, companionship and touch.

According to a recent survey of baby boomers and senior couples, many in their 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s still have sexual relations. If you are among the senior single crowd, you might want to try online dating.

Besides that, you will probably live longer. Having companionship and support lowers stress levels, according to Sally Beare, author of 50 Secrets of the World’s Longest Living People. 

Maybe you’re shy. Or you might have health issues. (With aging there are few who don’t, whether they admit it or not). You might think of a million reasons why it is too late for you. But, if you are still breathing and have a mind of your own, it is not too late.

Browse the website‎ to get warmed up to the idea.

If you have tried online dating unsuccessfully, don’t give up. There is hope that with a little patience and some help that you can get matched up to that special someone.

You need to make the process fun.  Add your name to the blog contact list to get ongoing advice on what you might try differently.

It is worth the effort because that special someone will put a little zest back in your life! (I know that I am more motivated to take better care of myself when I have a hot date on the horizon.)