Baby Boomers Beware – Eight Surgery Tips

A surgeon might save your life someday, but vanity and hasty decisions can bite baby boomers in the butt!

A surgery is elective in my book unless its purpose is to save your life, or prevents you from becoming deformed or crippled, or stop terrible pain.

And, unless someone is using a scalpel to remove a splinter, there is no such thing as minor surgery.

Like most of us, my opinions are based on my life experience. I do not claim to be qualified to give professional medical advice. We each need to make our own decisions.  It is not up to the doctor – it is up to you because you are the one who must live with the consequences – good or bad. Continue reading “Baby Boomers Beware – Eight Surgery Tips”

Remarkable Retirement Doesn’t Just Happen

Let’s reflect on your retirement status.  How do you spend your day?  What motivates you to get up in the morning? What do you look forward to with excitement?

If you have trouble getting off the couch or if most of your day is spent fulfilling obligations placed on you —  rather than planned by you;   if you don’t have something that really gets you excited — maybe it is time for to reassessment what retirement means for you.

There were so many years I spent my energy working my butt off to support myself, raise children, etc.   Crap, I started working for a paycheck when I was twelve years old and kept on going.   It seemed there was never enough time for everything.  There were always competing obligations, especially during the time I was a single working mom.  I so much looked forward to a time when I could do whatever I damn well pleased.  Well, now I can!  What a luxury!

Have you ever heard of a “seenager”? The little verse below put a smile on my face when it showed up in my inbox one morning.  It  speaks to Continue reading “Remarkable Retirement Doesn’t Just Happen”

Online Dating at My Age? Absolutely!

Senior dating online may be a stretch for some of us, but consider the benefits.  Do you let age put unnecessary restrictions on you?  Some days I feel like I am seventeen.  Other days I don’t.  Can baby boomers and other seniors find love again?  Why not?

 “I think people would live a bit longer if they didn’t know how old they were. Age puts restrictions on things.” Karl Pilkington

One month after we both lost our respective spouses, I had a phone conversation with an old family friend.   It went something like this:

“So, Harry, how did it happen that we have come to this point in our lives and find ourselves alone, without a partner?

It was extremely difficult for Harry to accept that his wife of 40 years was gone. Though she was in his heart and he talked with her privately,  Ann would never be a part of his every day life again. He had lost her rather quickly — just four short months from diagnosis to death.

I lost my husband after a long ten-year battle with cancer.  There is really no way of losing a loved one that equips us to deal with the loss or know how to pick up the pieces.

I could not believe it when, in time, we started talking about finding new mates. Wondering whether senior online dating was a viable option, we talked. Dating again, at our age? Continue reading “Online Dating at My Age? Absolutely!”

Asking for Help is Crucial to Success!

No matter how smart you are, you don’t have all the answers!  Have you ever watched someone who does not have access to GPS get lost?  There is no shame in asking for directions.

In fact, it is just plain silly and a bit stupid to be so independent that you do everything by trial and error.  This same concept applies to life situations that go to the heart of why people get stuck in their lives. Continue reading “Asking for Help is Crucial to Success!”