About Lady Rose

About Lady Rose

Where do I begin?  Just think of me as one of those 1960’s flower children with a VW convertible and a peace symbol on the back of my car – turned young working mom – later, maturing to the fine wine that I am today.


1972 - with my first child
1972 – with my first child

I have had only two husbands, at least, so far. Widowed two years ago, I really don’t want to bury another one!

My numerous transitions in life have brought up questions and issues that many of you, my readers, experience.

I feel fortunate and honored to be a mother and grandmother.  My children are my crown of glory. It is my goal to be an example for my children and their children of how to live a full, useful and rewarding life.  They will be my legacy in life, I suppose.

With the help of God, and the support of friends and family, I was able to hold things together through the dark tunnel – those days when I stood by helpless as my husband deteriorated in a losing ten-year battle against cancer.

Having recently poked my head out in the world after living so long in the shadows – I share here my perspective.  You will read some of my

Reflections on the Important Things in Life

The post deal with questions and issues that I have asked myself about what is really important in life.  Sometimes it is just about making a decision and staying the course.  Lady Rose comes from the perspective of a person who:

  • Was raised humbly by Scottish immigrant parents

    1955 at my First Holy Communion
    1955 at my First Holy Communion
  • Was listening to the nuns in Catholic school when John F. Kennedy was elected, and later, when he was killed.
  • Who had the rash notion of breaking into a “Man’s World” in the days leading up to women’s liberation.
  • Found myself a single mom, with no child support, alimony or subsidies from anywhere
  • Reflects on racial relationships to during the turbulent sixties, the race riots, and forced busing to integrate schools in the 1970’s.
  • Was crazy enough to have children twenty years apart
  • Had the audacity to run for Lt. Governor in the State of Delaware
  •  Had the good fortune to ge a career start in the wonderful world of publishing and advertising, and

    1987 - Opened my first official office in Stevensville, Maryland
    1987 – Opened my first official office in Stevensville, Maryland
  • later to start my own successful, international advertising agency

I hope that you may enjoy the read and be guided in your own life.

This site is new and most of the stories and reflections have yet to be written.  But, I hope you will stick around.

I invite you to join me on the journey. You can expect a new post in your inbox once or twice a week.

When you sign up below, expect an email right away. I need you to confirm through the email that we have your correct address.

God bless!

Margaret Rose Roberts  (Lady Rose)

What People Are Saying about Lady Rose:

What a neat blog! I enjoyed reading your multiple pieces and hope others do as well. You are an accomplished writer that leaves one wanting to read all you write about.

Richard F. Swank/President Tamberlane Co., Inc.

Please, keep the writing up. It’s the thoughts and choices that the average person confronts and makes that is the most fascinating to me.

Jamie Christly

Your blog is OUTSTANDING!!  You have a lot of talent, Keep it up.

Charles Quisenberry/President Custom Lumber LLC