Dream Vacation in Hawaii on the Cheap!

Imagine a dream vacation to Hawaii or wherever your heart desires, without running up bills or blowing your budget.  Now, I love a bargain and am always on the hunt to get something for nothing.  But, everybody knows its expensive to get to Hawaii.   And, the hotel costs alone can eat your lunch! So, what is all this about doing it on next to nothing?

Can You Really Enjoy a Dream Vacation on the Cheap?

Well, you can click-through to read the details of two accounts from people who have used travel miles or credit card rewards to get really great dream vacations at way below bargain prices.  Skeptical? I was too! It seems that no matter when I try to use my airline miles there is some glitch that makes it not worthwhile.  But, I have connected with what seems like a great FREE course, TravelMiles101 that takes you through the planning and steps to create your own dream vacation for almost nothing.  They even have a Facebook page where people compare notes and ask questions.

Cheap Vacations on Credit Card Rewards

Check out the experiences of the two articles below for specific details on how they did it!

How To Take a 10 Day Trip to Hawaii for $22.40 – Flights & Accommodations Included!  Now, may be the best time to start planning for an early 2018 dream vacation, especially if you want to go to the Hawaiian Islands. According to Beat of Hawaii increased competition among airlines will make 2018 a great time to fly.

Our $38,000 Maldives Trip for less than $2700!  Sounds exotic! And maybe your dream vacation would be to tour Europe or travel to Australia.  You can apply their methods to whatever vacation you want.  But, it is important to plan ahead and be as flexible as possible.

The reward miles approach is particularly great for baby boomers and most retirees.  But, it has been known for this approach to work even for a family vacation.  The idea is that you maximize sign-up bonuses from the credit card companies and charge your normal expenses to the cards, like groceries, and gas, etc.

But, supposing that your credit is terrible or you already have credit card debt that you are having a tough time getting rid of?  Then, you may have to take a different approach. But, there are still ways to get that dream vacation on the cheap.

Creative Ways to Vacation on the Cheap!

  1.  Travel FREE as a Group Leader – Take the whole family with you on a vacation that you organize.  Be a group leader for any group of travelers: friends, co-workers, or your dance club, or book club.  If you have eight to twelve people willing to travel with you, you may be able to travel free.  Check out YMT Vacations, Advantage Cruises,  My Ambassador TravelSelect International Tours sponsors faith-based tours and has full support for group leaders to travel cost-free. Do your own google search and find many more sources.
  2. Teach English – This is not for your two-week summer vacation, but if you’d like to travel and live somewhere new for nine months to two years, it’s a great way to get a travel experience while actually getting paid.  In most cases you do not have to speak the home language, but I suppose it would help.  To check out this idea further go to Dave’s ESL Cafe or TEFL.com.
  3. Take Care of Someone’s House – You may have a free place to stay if you are willing to be responsible for someone’s house, maybe even their dog and their plants.  There are websites that will connect you with people in need of a house sitter, Trusted Housesitters claims to be the largest with connections around the world.  HouseCarers is another good site for domestic house sitting or you can search by country.  Take your pick. Free lodging in Hawaii or the Bahamas anyone?

As for me, I am going to try the reward travel method using TravelMiles101.  In fact, I am on day three of their ten-day free course. Join me?  If so, I will meet you on their Facebook page or maybe in Hawaii!  Meanwhile, dream away and let us know where you would like to go on a dream vacation.


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