I Forget! It’s Wonderful Sometimes!

So, how can forgetting ever be wonderful?  It is a matter of being selective.  I forget things, like what I’m looking for when I cross the threshold of a room.  I have to think twice and hope a delayed reaction will turn on the light bulb of remembrance.  My mother used to say, “Tie a string around your finger so you won’t forget next time!”  It always seemed like a dumb idea to me.  When Mom was out of sorts, her Scottish  brogue would kick in, saying: “Wean, ye would forget yer head if it wisnae attached on!”

Now, I consider what I may say to myself as I travel this coming week.  “Why didn’t you remember to bring (fill in the blank)?  Did you take care of (______)?  But, if I forget it, I am sure it will be okay.  I don’t think we are meant to remember everything.  Do you?

Probably, you never knew I was a poet.  Maybe that’s because I never have been.  Nonetheless, here is a little diddy I wrote for your amusement.

I Forget! It’s Wonderful Sometimes!

There is a little string around my finger
But I forget what it’s about
I forget what I’m supposed to remember
I forget why I put it there.

But, that’s okay.
It’s wonderful sometimes.

I remember hymns we sang in chapel as a child – like the voices of angels.
I forget the nun’s face – her dreadful scowl could shake my confidence.

I remember the sweet smell of fresh-cut grass and rolling down the hill in youthful joy….
I forget why I don’t do that anymore.

I forget!  I forget a lot!
But, that’s okay.
It’s wonderful sometimes.

I remember I had a nightmare.
I forget why I woke up screaming.
I remember the aroma of the fine wine I drank.
Forgetting how much, did I make myself a fool?

I forget!  I forget a lot!
But, that’s okay, some things are best forgotten.
It’s wonderful sometimes.

I remember the sweet cry of my new-born infant, music to my ears.
I forget the agony of childbirth.
I remember the warmth in my husband’s eyes, his touch, his generous soul.
I forget the heartbreak of words that spewed like venom from his lips.

I forget! I forget a lot!
But, that’s okay.
I remember the best.

What is the name of that dance step? It’s on the tip of my tongue!
I danced for hours that seem like minutes, entranced in the music and the moment.

I remember the history of an old friend’s life, how we talked, how we laughed.  I can see her face.
But what is her name? It’s somewhere in my brain.

I Forget!
I forget a lot!

I see my smiling young face glowing in the mirror of my mind.
I don’t  recognize the old lady in the looking-glass today.

I forget the mailman who tipped his hat in deference to an old white-haired woman.
Remembering to smile, I hold my head high, a lady to be reckoned with, the queen of the castle in disguise.

I remember the best times.
It’s wonderful sometimes.


Now, oh my! I am behind the curve.  I was lost in polishing this little diddy.   So, I text on my cell “Running late. But, I’m on the way.”  No worries.  It is wonderful to get lost in the moment, sometimes!

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