Four Free Ways to Wow Your Valentine!

Want to impress your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day?  It doesn’t take a fortune to get a “Wow, I love it!” from the one you care about.  The old song “Money Can’t Buy You Love” is based in truth.  With a little inspiration and imagination, you can give the best gift and create a love story with your valentine. And, it will cost you not one red cent.

My late husband used to break out in a sweat when February rolled around.

There was Valentine’s Day, then my birthday, followed by our daughter’s birthday.  On the heels of that was our anniversary during the first week in March.  This could be expensive!  How was he to impress those he loved?  How could he show them how much he cared? A dozen roses in a beautiful vases was usually part of his answer.

But, there is really no need to sweat, stress or go broke proving you care. Although I can recall the sweet smell of romantic red roses, my fondest memories are based on special gifts we shared.  Not one of them cost money.  To make your sweetheart happy, give them the most precious gifts of all.

4 Free Ways to Your Best Valentine Ever!

#1 Time:

Life is busy!  But, if your sweetheart is important to you, take the time to share a much-needed pause in the rat race, and schedule private time for each other.  Your work, job, commitments, and hobbies are valuable, but make private time to nurture your relationship.  Get a babysitter or send the kids out for a sleep over.  Turn off the cell phones. No excuses! If you care, you can make it happen.  Put a hot date with the one you love on your schedule.

#2 Attention:

Look forward to that private time and make plans.  Remind yourself what it is that attracts you to your partner.   Prepare a few soul-searching questions that will foster intimacy, an agenda for your private time together.  Do you want to privately rekindle any vows you have made in the past?  It is rarely too late and you are never too old to rekindle your romance.  Or, are you dreaming of what the future will hold for you and your valentine?  When the time arrives, be in the present moment and look into the eyes of your partner and listen. Remind yourself what it is that attracts you to your partner.

#3 Affection:

According to an article I read the other day, Women Need to Be Hugged.  But, really we ALL need more hugs – men, women and children!  The healing, nurturing power of touch is much greater than we usually consider on a conscious level.  If you haven’t been physically engaged with your valentine in the last couple of days, consider this.  Suppose you didn’t eat for two days in a row?  So, why go two days without a hug or a kiss?  Hold hands.  Dance together and hold each other tight in private.  Put on your favorite music by candle light in your own living room. Help your valentine relax with a foot, head or shoulder massage, for starters. Then, use your imagination!

#4 Appreciation:

Tell your valentine sweetheart how much you care.  Name specific ways in which you appreciate all the big or little things your valentine has done.  Express how you feel about the way they look, the way they talk, the way you admire him or her.  Share your respect and your love.  If you are nervous or have a hard time saying out loud how you feel, put your thoughts in writing. Look over Valentine cards in a store or online for inspiration. Then write something in your own hand.

A love letter from your sweetheart is free, but oh, so precious!  I have a box full of love letters that remind me of how much I have been loved.  If you are really brave, write down your thoughts and then share them verbally with your special someone as you look into their eyes. Wow!

Love changes the landscape of the heart.  Only love can conquer hate.  The transformation of hearts needs to be nurtured.”

Now, imagine putting all four of the above ways into action with your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day.  Wow!  You will nurture and strengthened your bonds.  And, create memories that will last a life time – free of charge!

Love helps add inspiration and meaning to our lives. Take the opportunity to show your love.  It is one of the important things in life.  Now, while you plan your Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart, listen to a little inspirational mood music by Chicago, with You’re the Inspiration.



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