Voters Want the Truth – Read this Before You Vote

Before casting your vote, I would like to draw your attention to a little book by Andy Andrews.  It addresses the issue of why the truth matters more than you think.

We all want the best for our country – and a secure and prosperous future for our children.  This is not a partisan issue no matter how we tend to vote.

Andrews asked himself three questions in considering to write this book:

  1. Where do we begin to find common ground in regard to what we want (or don’t want) for the future of America?
  2. Is it possible to write something that doesn’t use the words Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, yet conveys a message with which everyone could agree?
  3. Can it be written in a concise fashion allowing anyone to read it, clearly understand the message, and be empowered in less than fifteen minutes?

My opinion is that the book succeeds in achieving the three goals Andy Andrews set out to achieve.

I have often heard the saying that history is written by the victors.  Andrews questions the position that history and truth are necessarily the same.  He writes:

So is the truth of the past even important? What about the truth itself? Beyond the elusive moral ideal by which most of us were raised — being honest and doing good — does the truth really, really matter?

To find out, read

How Do You Kill 11 Million People?

This is the title of the little book you can get out of the library or order thru and read in 15 minutes.  The author wrote it for readers to use as a tool – to discuss and teach our children.

Andrews points out that:

  • Hitler during his reign of power managed to kill 11 million people.
  • The Cambodian government executed 3 million of its own people during a four-year period in the 1970’s.  This represented 37% of its own population.
  • Also, the Turkish government exterminated just about every Armenian in the country – two million people died through genocide!
  • The Soviet Union murdered almost 62 million people during its 70 year reign, according to their own records.  Among them, 55 million were Soviet citizens.

So, how did they do it?  How do the citizens become so vulnerable as to allow their governments to get so far out of control?

The answer:  Lie to them!

We keep forgetting that power corrupts.  Our hope is that it can never happen in the good old USA.  We have a balance of power between three branches of government, right?  And, we have a constitution that will see us through.

Andrews points out that the United States of America is now the longest tenured government in the world.  There are countries much older, but so far as continuous forms of government, we are the oldest.

Can we hope to preserve it for the next generation?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau 2014 figures, there were 318.9 million people in the USA.  Andrews poses the question of where this many people can reign in the power of 545 people who are responsible for every problem America faces. (These include: a President, 9 Supreme Court Justices, 100 Senators, and 435 Members of the House of Representatives.)

Why don’t we have a balanced budget?  Why do we have a complicated tax code that ordinary citizens find difficult to understand?  And why do members of Congress have generous pensions far superior to any member of the military who puts his life on the line serving this country?

Your Vote Has Power

Many Americans are totally disenchanted with the political process as it seems to have reached an all time low.  I get it.  But, this is our country – The United States of America.

Andrews points out an interesting fact. It proves that your voted does matter.

He writes: “During the past quarter century, no presidential election has been won by more than 10 million ballots.  But, every federal election has at the time 100 million people of voting age who did not bother to vote!”

So, check out the book for yourself.  Maybe it will give you some perspective of what is at stake.  We need to cut through the crap to find the truth.  The legacy of freedom for our country and our survival as a nation depend upon it.

Besides those running for president – can we keep a check on all 545?  Be sure you know who is on the ballot in your area of the country.  The future of our this great nation and our freedom depends upon it. So vote!  It matters.

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2 thoughts on “Voters Want the Truth – Read this Before You Vote”

  1. Unfortunately, most Americans are completely uninformed and won’t even listen to an opposing viewpoint. Therefore, the country will continue on into a financial crises, which both parties fail to recognize.
    The good news is I’ll probably be dead when it ends. The bad news is the younger generations will pay a terrible price for not paying closer attention to the problems facing America.

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